Bully Season Ambassador Application

Bully Season Apparel Ambassador Tiers
Tier 4 - Start Here
0-9 Orders
10% off all purchases
5% commission for each sale
Tier 3
10-49 Orders
15% off all purchases 
10% commission for each sale
Tier 2
50-149 Orders
20% off all purchases
15% commission for each sale
Tier 1
$250 a month in Bully Apparel
25% off all purchases
20% commission for each sale

How long will it take for me to get approved?
You will have a response within 48 hours

How are my sales tracked?
1. The customer uses your unique discount code when they purchase!
2. When making a purchase the customer types your name into the box labeled “What Team Member Referred You?”

When am I paid?
Upon the completion of the calendar month you will be paid through a source of your choice

What can I do to make sales?
Get it done! Social media is not the only answer although it is a good one. Word of mouth is your best source of true customers. Talk to people in the gym and in real life. 

Do my own purchases count towards my total?
No. The goal of the Bully Season Ambassador Program is to spread the word about Bully Season to others! Your own sales do not count towards your overall sales totals.

Can I post about Bully Season Apparel on my own social media account?
Yes! We want you to help us spread the word about Bully Season. Feel free to post about Bully Season products and apparel.